Born in the heart of New Britain, CT, this brand was established by 5 of the community’s own young entrepreneurs in 2012. Everyone has a passion or dream they would love to bring to life. No matter how rare our dreams may be, we hope to one day make them a reality. Rare Realities is the reflection of any individual that wants to exceed their full potential with their passion at the forefront.

Rare Realities is a clothing brand that specializes in quality apparel that brings forth a story and/or emotion in each piece. Rare Realities is collectively inspired by urban culture and intended to encourage self-expression and determination. We are committed to empower those that are willing to take the risk to bring their dreams to fruition. Our mission is to be a positive force in our community and those we serve.

The Team

Kadeem Carson


Taijon Carson


Ricky Clark


Ashley Santana


Dominique Stellmacher